The String Theory (Theory Of Everything): A Brief Overview

The string theory combines relativistic mechanics and quantum mechanics to be able to understand the universe.

By the string theory, the matter is made of atoms; atoms are made of neutrons, protons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are made of quarks; quarks and electrons are made of strings. So everything is made of strings by that theory.

But what are the strings? Do we eat them? Do they talk?

Yeah, we eat them but I don’t know if they talk. The strings are tiny tiny, vibration, string shaped planck length, endless loops. To explain that tiny we can say that ratio of a string size to the size of an atom is equal to the ratio of an atom’s size to Solar System’s.

In physics, string models are 1D, elongation, substance. The reason they avoid from classic dot models is to be able to solve some problems release on that dot models.

The main idea of the theory is reality’s base become from plank length substance. As a result of the studies which took place in last 10 years ( about 10 years), we call string theory “Superstring Theory” or  “Theory Of Everything”. Theory of everything means we can explain everything mathematically, subatomic particles to atoms (Quantum Mechanics) and black holes to Big Bang (Relativistic Mechanics). Unfortunately, we aren’t able to do experiments about strings for now. It’s a mathematical model. But we can say their length by mathematical calculations.

But how there are plenty of different matters if they all made of the same thing called strings?

To explain strings many scientists compare them with violin strings or other musical strings which different sounds depend on where you plunk. From that example, different frequency on particle strings cause different resonance and when they get together they make different harmonies. So we can say that universe is a symphony.

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