An Island Which People Live in Stone Age in the 21th Century

Sentinel Island

Welcome the most bizarre island inhabited by people of the Indian Ocean. The island which located in the tropics has blue waters, white sands and lush forests. Sentinel Island has a surface area of 72 km of long.

Thousands of Years…

The natives of the island were named Sentinel. Researchers say that they live on this island for 60.000 years and migrated to there from Africa. The biggest feature of the Sentinel İsland is that they didn’t meet any civilized civilization on Earth until this time. Therefore their level of civilization is in stone age now. So Sentinels lived independently from the outside for thousands of years.

Natives aren’t very welcoming, though. We see it clearly in the events in 1981. The ship of Primrose and his crew had hit the coast of the island. The natives which hold bows and spears are in hands have tried to craft to attack to ship. Fortunately, they couldn’t harm seriously because of the storm.

Today you can’t go there because going to the island is forbidden by the Indian government to protect the naturalness of the island.

Why behave like the locals that are still mysterious.  Who knows? Probably they could see us an asset to a group of extraterrestrial aliens!

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