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off game review

Greetings readers of NCOL, here’s a review of Off by Mortis Ghost. This one will be a quickie because a) The game is much shorter b) I don’t want to spoil your fun ­čśë

So let us get started!

Off is a French indie game by Mortis Ghost. It was made in 2008 in RPG Maker 2003, nevertheless translated to English 2011 -It’s an oldie but goldie-.

The Story and The Premise

Hoo boy… The story is definitely the strongest element.

You are a “puppeteer” controlling a humanoid male┬átitled “The Batter”, (which┬ámeans the guy with a bat in baseball games btw) and put in charge to lead him on his quest to “purify” the world. But beware! You aren’t the Batter, for he is his own character, you just lead him in his goal.

You purify the world by destroying the ghosts and all those corrupt haunting the zones. And that is the basic premise of this game.

Since I can’t talk about the main story much, let me introduce me some characters…

Batter: As mentioned before, he is the protagonist of this story. He introduces himself and game starts. He is a stoic guy who shows no emotions, he is described unusually calm in this world in need of purifying. Batter┬átakes pride in his divine mission and would┬ánot give up on it even if the world ended. He is the silent type and doesn’t talk much throughout the game.(he’s my fav if you can’t tell by the fact I can’t stop typing about him)

Judge: The Judge is a cat and first living being you come across. He teaches you about the stuff and helps you until some point. He greets and chats with the player in a polite manner. Zacharie┬ácalls him Pablo. Judge is a mysterious character, and there isn’t much to say about him other than he is the Guardian of Zone 1.

Zacharie: He is the game merchant. Zacharie travels around the world and sells you the hottest new merchandise. He too knows about the mysterious puppeteer that is us and even talks to us. But he is the only one who knows about his existence as a game character and breaks the fourth wall frequently. He is the fan favorite and hero of a story left untold (unfortunately…).

FaceElsen: They are the inhabitants of the world. They seem anxious and scared all the time, even when ghosts are not present.

The Visuals

Off is rather simplistic in a game design standpoint. The zones are rather cubic and colored with different shades of the same color. The fact it looks so unnatural and off just adds to the atmosphere.

Sprite work you see while battling is something I find unique and nice. (You should be glad you don’t know about Enoch’s sprite, he is fu-… fricking terrifying)

The Soundtrack

The music and the ambiance make the whole game much more complete. The soundtrack composed by Alias Conrad Coldwood┬ástrengthens the atmosphere, which is the other strong element. Here’s Pepper Steak, battle song, as you will be hearing it a billion times anyways~

The Gameplay

The game, as mentioned before, was made in RPG Maker 2003, which is very limited compared to game engines of nowadays so gameplay isn’t nearly as astonishing as its story. The gameplay is no different than any RPG… You get … Companions?… Circles?… that help you battle once in zones. Other than that, there are some puzzles here and there.


+ Positives

+AMAZING story. Makes you think.

+Nice art and music

~ Neutrals

~Short game. Can be finished by a day/few sessions.

– Negatives

-Puzzles can be tedious, so can battles.

(-Won’t have a sequel…)

In the end, if you like games for their premise rather than their gameplay, I recommend you pick the auto battle and have a great experience purifying the world.

Here you can download the latest translation!

If you can’t play yourself, we got you covered. Here you can access Markiplier’s gameplay!


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