And What is Gone Becomes Reality//Fausts Alptraum {Review}

Fancy seeing you here, dearest reader~ It has been a while, hasn’t it?. SO,

To make it up for ya, I have played and decided this game was worthy of a review.

Fausts Alptarum was developed by Lab O Rat Studio in Taiwan and then translated from Traditional Chinese to English.  Tho the game is 2-3 years old, yet the translation and the Steam version is rather new, being released a few months prior.  It is a totally free indie RPG Maker horror.


The game is based on various versions of the German legend, Faust. If you aren’t familiar with it, Faust is a brilliant yet discontent scholar. To achieve a better life and unlimited knowledge, he summons and makes a deal with a demon, named Mephistopheles. There are many versions of the story, however,  Goethe’s magnum opus is considered the most known one and the main inspiration. Other versions that are represented in the storyline are  Goudnod’s and Berlioz’s. While obviously having a relation to the legend, the game tells the story of Elizabeth.
You play as the next Faust, who gets stranded in a nightmare version of her old mansion.


{There is a trio that is ever present in the game. So to not to spoil anything, I will retrain talking about the others.}


When Heinrich Faust died, his daughter(with a neck so thin it shouldn’t be able to support her head but we will let it pass) had inherited the burden of his death and an old house. The girl gets drafted into a whole different plane and the story starts to unveil itself.


An elegant demon with a voice so sweet it can make teeth decay. The things it says just don’t add up and it is there merely to mock your existence.


A small, black companion who keeps the foes away from you. Your defender is not very keen of Mephisto, and runs at the sight of him.

Art and Sprite Work

What can I say other than I just, LOVED the aesthetic aspects of the game? Like as you can see the game is really well illustrated with a unique art style. The story of the game is told by fairy tale retellings accompanied with crayon drawings which add to the pleasant look of the game.

The environment is creepy and mysterious, just like it should be. The sounds in the game mostly add to that feeling. The manor has a great atmosphere and a map just big enough that you don’t get lost but don’t feel like you’re stuck in a box either.



As for the gameplay… If you like puzzles then you may as well add this game to your list of “To-Play” because it had some really great puzzles to keep the gears running. They can be really convoluted and complex, but I didn’t have any problems expect to like, two of them. But you really need to know every aspect of it, and something tiny can make you waste your time trying to find the other piece when all you have to do was to check the bucket of golden paint. 

The main character basically runs on matches and candies. It works like this; if you can’t move or see enough, you wake up in your bed. With every piece of candy, you become faster; farthest with every match, your candle burns brighter. The game is too generous, so I was always at full speed and farthest the always.

The game, as you read, doesn’t have a game over screen. Instead, you are returned to your bed every time you are cornered.




+Great atmosphere. I , a coward, was too creeped out that i nearly chickened out.

+Interesting Buildup. I , a coward, found it too intriguing to just close the game.

+Puzzles. To me, puzzles were the strongest suit of the game.


~No Game Over Screen. If you die, you are sent back to your bed. Some may say it removes possibility of being stuck on a life-or-death puzzle forever, others may say it removes the difficulty of saşd puzzles.I just find it annoying to go back to where I was.

~Enigmatic Story. The game doesn’t have the most reliable narrator and pages of fables you find are very symbolic.

~Puzzles. They are complex and you can miss them entirely if you don’t check that one thing.


-Puzzles. In the comment section of ManlyBadassHero’s walkthrough, I found people saying the game’s puzzles were too hard. Then again it may be because they were watching him stumble around and couldn’t understand the puzzles’ solutions. It’s advised you try yourself and then decide to go on or not.

In the end…

I enjoyed the game fullest. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed Ib or Mad Father. Not to say they were bad games, (they are defining games of the RPG Horror) but… The puzzles are my guilty pleasure man… If you think you will love it as much as I do, then go and give it a try.

[Here] is a link to Faust’s Alptraum’s Steam Page!

Also [Here] or [Here] you can read Faust (by Goethe) for free. Just throwing this out there.

Got stuck? Manly, as mentioned above, made a walkthrough of the game [Here].

Again, we have come to an end, But is it really? For the end is the never end!..

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