Don’t Sit Anymore

The century which we live in is hard for a lot of people. Especially for the young ones and having desk jobs. In Turkey, youngs sit for long hours. But how and how much?

I will talk about a young girl, called Lisa. I searched minimum time periods and so;

Lisa has seven lessons every weekday. If her one lesson is PE, music or art… she does not have to sit. So I count six lessons every day to sit. It is 40 minutes and it takes 4 hours. If Lisa needs extra lessons, she will go to course. I will count she goes there for only an hour every day.


Lisa feels tired and goes home on foot or by car/bus… She can sit if she goes by car or bus but I will not count it.

When she arrives home, she gets herself into the sofa and rests for an hour. Then, she studies. Every day Lisa has four different lessons. She spends 30 minutes for each one. Then she does one-hour homework. All of these takes 3 hours.

After studying, she tries to relax and watches TV reads books, listens to music or watches series. They take one and half hours, too. But our daily needs like meals take our one and half hours.

Totally our 11-12 hours are gone. A day is 24 hours and we sleep for 8-9 hours. In conclusion, we have only 4 hours.


And so;

This behavior can be more problematic than you might think, as the human body is designed to be in more or less constant movement throughout the day. Sitting is as bad as smoking and it increases your risk of lung cancer by over 50 percent. Researchers also show that your risk for anxiety and depression rises right along with hours spent on your chair.

Use your 4 hours for to be motile.


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