15 Psychology Related Truths Make You Feel As Soft As A Bird Feather


Have you ever wondered what is the real meaning of psychology? Egomania, aerophagia or metabolic syndromes? No, no, psychology isn’t just about these terms. So, if you want to know the real meaning of psychology, hang on to your hats. Psychology is YOU. Your friends, your lifetime, your dreams… These are all that psychology is about. But psychology can reveal some important knowledge about life. If you can use it well, psychology can become your secret weapon. Are you ready?

1- To know someone well takes approximately 3- 4 years. Divorce possibility of couples who know each other 3- 4 years before marriage is really low.


2- Before sleeping, nearly 90% of our brain starts to think about the things that may happen to us next day.

3- The speech we made with our children becomes their internal speech.

4- A friendship that continues more than 7 years is usually last forever.

5- The person you cannot stop thinking about probably thinks about you, every time.

6- Pay attention to the attitude of the person while they speak about someone. Because these behaviors will be still same when they speak about you to someone.

7- According to Japanese, we have three different faces. First one is the face that we show to the world, the second one is the face that we show to our friends and family, and of course the last one is the face that we only show to ourselves. We hope, you can understand which one is your real face.

8- When everything starts to disturb you that means you miss someone.

9- The people who stay awake until the late hours of the night are more likely to be a psychopath than people who sleep early.

10- If you want to know if someone wants to speak with you, cross your arms. If they do the same thing, it means they want to speak to you, too.

11- According to some researchers, people who sleep with more than one pillow are generally alone and depressive.

12- Listening 7 different songs makes the mind and immune system stronger and reduces the risk of depression.

13- The best way of winning a discussion is asking some questions about the subject. By this way, the logic errors and thoughts come to light easily.

14- Our minds completely forgive someone who hurt us before, in 6-8 months.

15- Thinking a lot makes your brain make up different negative scenarios and recall our bad memories.

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